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tv   [untitled]    June 9, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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nancy jacobson. i want to thank the president and board of supervisors especially supervisors avalos and mar for cosponsor the resolution in support of sb128, the end of life option bill. i want to thank francis, supervisor avalos's aid for her help in bring this important resolution before you. as you know the state senate passed this bill last week and in the process, there was an extensive debate. i don't know if you had a chance to view the video. there were many people who spoke passionately for and against the bill. there are 30 million people in california and there are at least that many stories to tell
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about people who have suffered endlessly in this process and friends and family who have watched them. i just one of those 30 million people. i have survived cancer three times and i had no doubt that it will get me in the end. i was born here in san francisco. i want to die here in san francisco. i do punt want to -- i do not want to move to oregon. i beg you please to support this resolution and tell the rest of california that we are compassionate. thank you very much >> next speaker please. >> thank you supervisors. i'm robert liner, speaking as an individual and as a physician as a patient and as a patient in a lawsuit seeking the same that
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are being sought by senate bill 128. it's interesting to note the last word before the vote was taken in the senate was spoken by senator walk was one of the authors of the senate bill. quoting the california medical association to the effect that even the best care sometimes is insufficient to prevent the suffering that might be unbearable from some patients. it's a sea change to have seen that quotation because the california medical association used to oppose aid and dying. san francisco tend to lead the way. we've done that with other civil
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rights issues like marriage equality and here you have a chance to show the san francisco can lead the way by helping the passage of senate bill 128. no one is going to be dying -- there won't be more people dying as a result of aid and dying being legalized that are already dying. there will be less suffer. already there's nothing new about physician aid and dying. it's been so some extent something done with secrecy. one of the great things in oregon over the last 18 years is that the aid and dying has been open, the conversations have been improved about this end of life issues. physicians have gotten more training pain management has been better and parents dying at home better. >> thank you very much next
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speaker. >> my name is dorian cutter . i thank you for the opportunity of sharing my story with regards to the end of life assembly by 128. my adult son recently died of a brain tumor. towards the end he was no longer able to speak or walk. was physically fit enough that it could have taken several weeks before his life would end. consequently he chose to refuse food and water in order to hasten his death. it was difficult for him and for his family. it's for this reason that i support this end of life option act and hope that you will also support it. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> good afternoon eye name is jean amos. i want to thank supervisor
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avalos for introducing this resolution. there are five other states that have had it. the entire country, canada just passed this end of life option bill as a universal law of the country. former supervisor mark gave a really beautiful speech. a lovely speech talking about the years in the '80s when friends from hiv were dying and they had no options. it was pretty miserable. that was one of the reasons that he wanted to support this was to give peace to people who are facing a terminal and very unpleasant ending. your support would be really wonderful to show that san francisco is behind this legislation. it is so supported by the citizens of california. also most medical doctors have
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been shown. i would appreciate it if you do pass this resolution. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker please. >> good afternoon, i read a lot of hank william material. in case you wanted to know, hank williams sang a lot of about suffering and pain because he believe if you spread the awareness of human suffering out enough, somehow it helps. he himself, was born with an incurable very painful spinal defect called spinal bifida. he died at the and of 29. mostly from taking what he felt what's helpful in relieving that
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pain. thank you for listening. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> tom. thank you. closing out transportation. corporate, private buses stopping at muny. need to be all accessible. they need to pick up muny riders also.
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i mentioned this before. all transportation workers muny, bart, san mateo. everybody in that work, all the workers they're losing their right to strike. they should have a right to holiday. they report to work. they open up the gates.
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they close the boxes. people ride free. i believe that's going to be one way to help mitigate problems with workers and the corporate structure of things. thank you. >> thank you very much. are there any other members of the public who like to provide public comment at this time? seeing none, public comment it closed. madam clark, can you read the adoption without reference committee item. s. >> seeing a roll call vote. if a member objects an item maybe severed and considered separately. >> supervisor weiner. >> item 50. >> okay. remaining item madam clerk please call the roll. >> supervisor mar, supervisor
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tang supervisor weiner, supervisor yee, supervisor avalos, supervisor breed, supervisor campos supervisor christensen, supervisor cohen, supervisor farrell, supervisor kim, there are 11 ayes. >> those items are adopted unanimously. clerk can you read item number 50. >> item 50 is a resolution to oppose california state assembly bill 57 suffered by assembly member clerk which will limit san francisco ability to regulate wireless telecommunication facilities. >> supervisor weiner. >> thank you madam president. i want to thank supervisors christensen, tang and farrell for cosponsoring this resolution. ab57 is a bill that would
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significantly undermine san francisco's local control across california over sighting decisions for wireless telecommunications facilities. in san francisco we embrace the idea that we need to improve and allow our telecommunications firms to improve access, internet access, wireless access for our residents. that requires infrastructure work. we also know that we need to make sure that this equipment when locations are being determined, we do so in a thoughtful way, consistent with the needs of our neighborhood, consistent with our various policies here in san francisco. we work through that. i think we do a pretty good job. unfortunately ab57 would dramatically undermine our ability to exercise that local
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decision-making process. it would require that these decisions be made within a very short period of time which would either result in automatic approval of a lot of inappropriate sites or would require planning department to start mass rejecting these applications which would result in a very chaotic situation and a lot of litigation. it's not the right approach. the good thing is growing coalition of cities in california has been forming to oppose or seek significant amendments to ab57. i believe just today, the los angeles wanted to vote on record opposing ab57. we definitely in good company. i want to make a minor amendment to one of the results clauses page 3 line 8, there are discussions going on about amendments to ab57 to make it more much palpable to cities and
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towns in california. i would like to add at the end of that resolve clause, when the resolve clause, resolve that the city urges the california legislature not approve or the governor of california to veto ab57 to insert, unless amended to maintain meaning and local control over the review of wts facility. i move that amendment. >> supervisor weiner has made a motion to amend. seconded by supervisor tang. can we take that without objection? the amendment passes without objection. supervisor weiner. >> colleges i ask your support. >> supervisor tang? >> thank you, i do want to thank supervisor weiner and omar from the planning department. he's been helping us track this issue. we already do have limited
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ability to have a say when it comes to sole of these antennas in our city. we're hearing from neighbors and complaints about whether they're on these wooden poles we do believe there are ways that we can make the design a lot better, that we can find rooftop facilities or other ways to not only allow for the service but also work within the means of the neighbors so that it is acceptable to them. i am very support i have -- support of -- supportive of this. >> thank you supervisor tang. colleagues, can we take item number 50 as amended? without objection, this resolution is adopted as amended unanimously. next item. >> mad tam president, there are no memoriams. >> colleges, that brings us to the end of the agenda today. is there any further business
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before us? >> that concludes our business for today. >> we are adjourned thank you everyone. .....@ppx
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>> >> looks like we are on. and good morning, today is june 9, 2015 and welcome to the finance committee of the san francisco county transportation authority, my name is john avalos and i am the chair of the committee and our clerk is steven stamos and i would like to announce the sfgtv staff who are broadcasting today and jim smith. could you read the first